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Affordable SEO

Formerly, by invitation and word of mouth only. Linkpods is now offering its affordable SEO services to the public.

Linkpods designs and executes an affordable, ethical, and technically sound SEO Services specifically for your website. We help make your website keywords more relevant in the eyes of search engines. Getting you 10 Top Search Engine Results! Read More about LinkPods Affordable SEO Services

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One Way Link Exchange Community

Get FREE ONE WAY LINKS your website!

Join Linkpods one way link exchange community and enjoy the web's leading free link exchange service. LinkPods combines a proven linking architecture with organized one way link exchange marketing campaigns to put the power of community to work for everyone's benefit.

This one of a kind linking strategy that literally forces search engines to notice your site and helps rocket your website to the top of search engine results pages.

Does your Search Engine Rank need a boost?

Using organized community linking, LinkPods creates a virtual link vortex that squeezes every ounce of value from each relevant linking partner and directs it to your website.

Building a better Link Exchange

LinkPods is more than one way home page links. It is a community of webmasters helping webmasters build a stronger search engine presence.

If you are ready for a New Way of thinking and an easier way to better results, Join Linkpods today. It's Free!

Affordable SEO Services

Many have created the illusion that performing their SEO SERVICES or Search Engine Optimization on your website is a magic bullet that can catapolt your website the the top of search engine rankings. While performing SEO on your website can help your rankings, proper OFF Page SEO Services are often overlooked or not maximized to its fullest. Leaving your website's ranking potential unused.

What exactly is OFF PAGE SEO?
Some Off Page SEO techniques will create links back to your website. Here is a short list of ways you can get links back to your website. Reciprocal Link Exchanges - Article Distribution - Directory Listings - Blog Posts - Forum Participation - Social Networking.

While creating back links in this manner can be beneficial, it is simply not enough to consistantly boost and maintain first page rankings on search engine results.

True Search engine optimization is all about consistant results. Linkpods is the off page seo service specialists. We'll use our time tested inbound link strategy and affordable SEO services to catapolt your website the the top of search engine rankings.

Linking Best Practices

Bad Link Partners

Unfortunately, when it comes to link exchanges, people are willing to be bad neighbors. They are willing to send you email after email, offering the same link exchanges, 3 way link swaps, and other seemingly legit link exchange offers.

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Link Partners

Link With A New Twist

When most people think about building inbounds links to their website, the feeling of dread quickly becomes overwhelming. The tedious process of adding other websites to your links page and sending out emails notifying webmasters you would like to exchange links. UGH

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One Way Links

URL Consistency

Did you know that you can have a wide variety of URLs for each page on your Website? Did you also know, being inconsistant with these URLs you can be wasting your time?

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Inbound Links

Inbound Link Anchor Text

When considering inbound links and search engine optimization, the anchor text you use to link to your website is the most important factor.

For those who do not know, anchor text is the wording you use as your inbound link Let�s talk about anchor text and properly leveraging it to gain maximum benefit for your site�s search engine optimization. Securing inbounds links takes hard work and it makes sense to squeeze ever bit of value out of these one way links.

When determining the text for your inbound links, you want to make sure to match the keywords used on your targeted page. We will use as an example link.

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Link Exchange

Link Exchange Truths

Fact: It is sad, but very true. Ten years marketing on the Internet taught me this hard, but very important lesson.

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